I have been working with the band Tunabunny on a secret project lately!

Here is a peek at some of the photos from the day we met and worked on … nah, you’ll see.

From their BandCamp page: “Tunabunny is the missing surname of Madonna, the forgotten first name of Morrissey, and the middle name that Sun Ra’s parents forgot to give him. We are pretty certain that the “T” in T. Rex stood for Tunabunny.”

Photos + Some Styling by Jennie Cain of Viva Wild

Awesome moves by MJ, Brigette, Scott + Jesse











Fierce Creature

She always knows the names of flowers we encounter.

Model : Becka Rose

Clothes: Atomic + Viva Wild + Thomasina Vintage

Styling + Photos: Jennie Cain // Viva Wild


Special thanks to Stephanie at Atomic in Athens, Georgia for being a badass! She always contributes clothing to my style shoots and it is ALWAYS appreciated.

Blue Christmas

It’s Christmas Everyone!

I am not a religious person, but I do love any excuse to sparkle, shine or decorate!
Recently, I became inspired by a collection of vintage photographs of women posing for the camera at Christmastime. I loved all of their complicated + fierce looks so much that, with the help of my beautiful friend Tatiana, made a trio of party outfits. Just intake to be inspired for tonight’s festivities! I called it Blue Christmas because the color blue was highlighted in each shot!

Blue Christmas

Wardrobe: Model’s Own / Styling: Jennie Cain











Have a beautiful holiday + a lovely New Year!

Power Wheels

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t skate due to an unfortunate childhood skating accident, but I love skating culture! I love the DIY nature of skating fashions and I’ve always been a fan of watching how clothes move. I also LOVE to make films. Literally invite me over to loiter while you make a film, even. Seriously! Putting these ideas together was easy because I’m lucky enough to know a few amazing derby skaters in Athens, GA who are the perfect combination of badass and strong. My interests led me to making Power Wheels, short fashion film. Power Wheels features vintage fashions from my collection at Atomic, Viva Wild AND Handmade Jewelry by Moosh-Maker of Lilfood and other Lil Thangs.

Follow the link to my FIRST EVER fashion film!!

Power Wheels = A Fashion Film by Jennie Cain

img_3352 img_3185 img_3271 img_3353 img_3253 img_3354 img_3341 img_3269 img_3204 img_3211

Special thanks to Katillac Coupe DeVille, Moshya Brady, Sylvia Wrath, and Delia Derbyfire.


I turned 35 last month! I learned a lot about people and life in my 34th year and I realized that I’m on the right track. I’m happy to be here.

For my birthday, I asked my talented friend Andrew Shearer of Gonzoriffic to do a special, spur of the moment photoshoot. After brainstorming for all of 30 seconds, we decided on mud. Just me, a creek, mud and Andrew. I made this choice because I shoot fashion here in Athens, Georgia, you see. I really love it, but I wanted to do something that felt like the opposite of high fashion or street fashion. Mud Couture! Here are the gorgeous results:

img_7536 img_7490 img_7475 img_7552 img_7560img_7606

Want to see more Gonzoriffic? You are in luck! The annual Gonzoriffic Show is on October 21 at Midnight!


This sun is hot and there are bugs rattling in the trees.

The nomadic spirit seems to wash over us all. It’s summer. It makes you want to move around and see other places.

Alyssa is the embodiment of this lovely spirit. She has an inner glow and smiles for miles.

Enjoy her favorite song and dig these extremely happy, yellow pictures!

Wild Child – Brett Dennen 

13900454_322309091435160_1642999689_nVintage Silver Fish Scale Earrings + Black Sequin Shell by Viva Wild


Vintage Black Sequin Shell + Earrings by Viva Wild


Model’s own Cowboy Boots + Denim Shorts

❤ ❤



Kat is a badass. Locally she’s known as a derby dynamo and an actress in local films produced by Gonzoriffic Films!

I’m so excited that I got to hang out with her and take these amazing photos here in Athens, GA while we chatted about style and stick n poke tattoos.

First of all, she arrived in the coolest outfit and I just HAD to take her picture before we go started. I mean, the SHOES!!! This is some advanced personal style right here:IMG_8886 IMG_8885

I envisioned Kat as an 80s Lady with a little bit of Adam Ant + Angelica Houston peppered in for good measure.

80s Goddess Playlist

Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam and the Ants

She Bop – Cyndi Lauper

Nasty Boys – Janet Jackson

Heartbreaker – Pat Benetar

Baracuda – Heart 


Vintage Red + Black Glass Necklace by Viva Wild.


Vintage 80s Rhinestone Earrings by Viva Wild


Vintage Armani Silk pants with Saks Fifth Avenue black sequin crop tank available at Atomic in Athens, GA!

Goldie via the 90s Style

The inspiration for this shoot was Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In. I love Goldie Hawn’s youthful spirit. When she was on Laugh-In, her giggle was contagious!

I wanted to take Goldie’s Laugh-In persona and add a little 90s Riot Girl to the mix. Luckily, I’m friends with Coquette De Jour, one of the most fabulous performers around. She totally understood my “Goldie via 90s” concept and made it a reality in a way that only the great flying Coquette can do ❤

We painted feminist and empowering words on her body because HELL YEAH FEMINISM!


The more that I looked at the photos, the more I got a VERY 90s vibe from them. My playlist reflects the feminine power of the 90s.

Goldie via 90s Playlist–This playlist has songs that make me feel each photo more ❤

You Don’t Own Me – Leslie Gore


None of Your Business – Salt n’ Pepa


U.N.I.T.Y – Queen Latifah


Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill


Fashion is fun! Get out there and try something crazy today!