2014 / The year of “Yes”

This year I plan to say “yes” more.This plan is more than just saying the word, though. It is a foray into positive thought and trying new things. In the past, I had positivity sprinkled over my life with fantastic results. I know I won’t be positive for every moment of the next 359 days, but I can most definitely try!

After facing my biggest fear in life, being pregnant and giving birth (more on that later), I decided that there isn’t anything I can’t do. Seeing the infinite potential my daughter Viva holds as a new human makes me feel fresh and effervescent. At 32, I’m feeling more myself than ever. So, this will be my year of magical thinking, doing, making and being.

                                               Some of my goals * 

  • To make my daughter’s life interesting, full & beautiful
  • To write & direct another movie
  • To be a healthier thinker
  • To make my Etsy shop Viva Wild Vintage even more successful in 2014
  • To say “Yes” and try new things

*This list will grow and change throughout my year. I’m excited to see what it will look like as it evolves!

In this blog I will share things I think would be valuable to others. Stay tuned for crafts, vintage tips, cubanisms, recipes, life hacks, photos and inspirations for a year of magical thinking and YES!

Say yes with me!


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