Pleased to meet you!

I just realized that I failed to introduce myself!

My name is Jennie and I grew up Cuban in Miami, Florida in the 80s and 90s, a time when shopping vintage wasn’t as wildly popular as it currently is. I hit the yard sales, estate sales and flea markets in all types of neighborhoods from West Palm Beach to Perrine to Homestead.
I got really serious about vintage and antiques when I turned 11. I had two amazing mentors, Pedro and Rolando, owners of a small antiques shop in Coral Gables. They taught me the difference between reproductions, true vintage and antiques. They nurtured my love for older things and lavished me with the sort of things I treasured. I will never forget them! They sparked a flame in me that continues to burn bright and glow whenever I find something beautiful to share with others.

My shop: 
Viva Wild Vintage on Etsy! I started curating this shop in January of 2013, the same month that I found out I would soon be a mother! Now I have two things growing in my life and I can’t wait to see them both mature. I currently live in Athens, Georgia, a funky little college town, with my husband, daughter and cats. I mainly pick in and around Athens, but often go on excursions around the Southeastern United States to find treasures to bring to you!

The “Why?” Part
I really want to make sure that the things I offer are affordable. A lot of times I see things that would make my world lovelier, but they are painfully out reach for my budget. For this reason, it is incredibly important to me that my items are curated and perfectly priced. I do this because I love it! Every day that I go to work finding things for my shop I smile and have fun. I’ve had the desk job and, although it adds a vein of stability to my life, I chose to embark on a new adventure every day picking and offering things to the world through Etsy, hoping to brighten someone’s day with a ceramic owl or vintage dress!

Check out my shop and feel free to convo me here or on Etsy with questions!


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