Jack at the Wedding

The drive to the thrift store is pregnant with possibility! I go over in my head the list of things I’d love to find for my shop, the things I’m looking to find for my daughter and the things that would make someone’s day. A day in January 2013 was a day that I unwittingly picked up the item of someone’s dreams!

A Story in two acts: The 1976 Mattel Jack in the Boximage

Act I

I have no idea where he lived before I found him, but when I walked into a local thrift shop I immediately grabbed him. You see, I had just quit my cushy university job to follow my dreams of becoming a full time vintage seller on Etsy and I was out picking to fill my shop with beautiful things. Jack fit right in with the quirky and romantic items that were slowly filling my shop. He sat on a shelf for almost three months when I heard the familiar and gratifying little “cha-ching” sound effect burst forth from my phone. I rushed over to see what I had sold! Jack was off to a new locale.

Usually, when I sell an item I know very little about the person that bought it other than the buyer’s name and address. Jack was carefully packaged and sent off to his new home. I thought of him from time to time, but, alas, he did not send word of his whereabouts.

Act II

Last week I received a rare treat! A note from the lovely woman who brought Jack home. It turns out that Jack went all the way to New Hampshire to be a very special wedding guest! Lori, the creative and beautiful woman who received Jack, had intended on using him as the ring bearer in her wedding. The note, complete with two photographs, made me cry happy tears because I was so glad that, in some small way, I had helped make her wedding the wonderful adventure of her dreams.


Jack doing his duty!


The lovely couple with Jack. Can you believe how gorgeous they are?

I want to thank Lori for making Jack a part of her wedding and for sending me news of his life. I sometimes imagine where the things I sell go and what their new life in a different town is like, but I never imagined that this little guy would be off to such an auspicious future.

I love what I do and I believe that when you love something, the love travels through the universe like a ray of light. Thank you, Lori.


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