You Can Do A Lot With A Little / My Living Room + Dining Area

This series is about how you can do a lot with a little! Little space? Little funds? No problem! You can design and curate the home of your dreams with creative thinking. In this series, I will show you how I did it for myself with what I have. All of my furniture and home decor were purchased at a thrift shop, yard sale, junk shop or traded for! Many of the items are revamped in some way or upcycled to suit my vision.

I live in a 900 sq ft house built in the 1930s. I feel so lucky to live in such an old home because I love old things. That being said, there are positives and negatives to small, older homes. I love all the design quirks: built in shelves, a functional attic, a canning closet, heart of pine floors…but then there is the lack of closets, cabinet space, the tiny bathroom and kitchen, among other things.

My living room and dining room, for example, are all one room! I had to get creative with space usage and keep the color palette similar in order to have flow. That’s a great trick for small space living: keep the color palette  semi-unified throughout the home so that the home seems larger. More on that in another post!

Let me introduce you to my living/dining area:


Revamped Mid Century Chevron Chair, Upcycled Lilliputian Child’s Stool, Ghost Chair, Green Bumbo Seat


Upcycled Wooden Octopus Art made by my husband.


Revamped Mini Altar


Mid Century Table & Chairs, Sam Gilbey Life Aquatic Print


Thrift Store Camera Collection, Repurposed Teapot Planter, Eames Era Pink Grapes


Ghost Chair, Mid Century Danish Lounger, Ikea Coffee Table, Barbarella Print, Upcycled Magazine Art Collection, Red Mid Century Mobile


Mid Century Lucite Coasters, Mid Century Glass Candy Dish, Journal from Target’s Dollar Spot, Drew Barrymore’s new book


Revamped Mid Century Ashtray


Revamped TV Stand/Media Cabinet, Repurposed Wine Boxes, Thrift Store Marquee Letters

All images by Juls Knapp Photography

Later I will talk about how I formed my vision and begin linking the Upcycled and Revamped projects around the room so you can learn how I made my dream home come true!

In the meantime, look through these images & check out Viva Wild Vintage on Etsy!


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