Revamped TV Stand / Media Cabinet

Hi guys! This week I’m excited to tell you about how I revamped my TV stand.

The Story:

So, I bought this cabinet at a yard sale for $10. I liked the lines and the general style of the cabinet, so I brought it home. Originally, it had doors that slid to the sides to cover the middle of the cabinet and a terribly old and gross cardboard backing. I had it in my house untouched for a few months before I began to dislike it. Immensely.

I had two choices: get rid of it or do something to make it better! I took to the internet with the hope that I would find some inspiration. I found that there were so many things that I could do with spray paint, newspaper and painter’s tape. A cheap fix was really what I was looking for, so this suited me just fine! You can really do a lot with a little 😀

Before Revamping


My cat Ponch is the only thing good about this photo.

I decided to use a simple retro diamond design I found on Pinterest and some spray paint that I had left over from other projects. What did I have to loose? Anything was better that the state of the cabinet before, right?

Here’s what I did:

I took off the doors and the back of the cabinet. They were in really gross condition and the least interesting parts of the cabinet.

Next, I looked through my half used/ partially used spray paint cans and chose some coordinating colors. I LOVE bright colors and I wanted a 60s look so I used a cream colored spray paint on the “mesh” parts of the cabinet, a bright blue on the wood and then accented the mesh with large lime green diamonds. The diamonds were achieved by measuring and using painter’s tape. I covered the parts of the mesh that I wanted to remain cream colored with newspaper and did two spray coats of the lime green.

The key to getting the sharp and clear lines between colors is using painter’s tape and newspaper. Take your time covering the areas you’ve already painted. Patience pays off in the end. In the past, I’ve tried to do a rush job and ended up taking more time fixing errors than I would have if I had just been patient!

I finished the entire thing with a coat of clear gloss to protect it from natural wear and tear. I have cats, people. This step is a must!

The Glorious Revamp:

Isn’t she lovely? Photo: Juls Knapp Photography

As a bonus, my husband made a mini stencil and spray painted my record player to coordinate with the stand as a surprise! See it there in the middle? He used spray paint can remnants and used an exacto knife on a manila folder to make the stencil. I have the type of record player that opens up, but since I have cats, I want to keep it protected and in the closed position. Now it is more than an ugly plastic box when closed! What a guy.

Thanks for checking this out, guys! It means a lot to me when you comment and ask me about the blog. Did I inspire you to change your least favorite piece of furniture? Send me a message & I’ll post your photos!

Check out my shop Viva Wild Vintage on Etsy for more vintage goodies 😀


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