You Can Do A Lot With A Little / Kitchen

Hello! It is snowing here in Athens, GA today. I am doing a little cooking and cozying up while my husband plays video games and my daughter jumps in her bouncer.

Since I’m hanging out in the kitchen on and off today, I thought I’d share my kitchen with you. I’ve said it in the past, but my house is very small. This makes my kitchen TINY! What the kitchen lacks in space is made up by the fact that there are so many design elements I love. There’s a canning closet that I use as a spice rack, a lovely little window above the back door that lets in light, and the beautiful heart of pine floors that extend throughout the house!

I am luck to have a dishwasher, but that displaces the refrigerator. This means that the refrigerator is in the dining area and my dining area is in the living room. Hey, I love a challenge!

Feast your eyes on the “refrigerator room” and kitchen!


Ponch (our cat) Painting by my husband, DIY Vintage Record Refrigerator Magnets, Planters on Refrigerator: Mid Century Green Planter Found in Abandoned Barn, Cafe Bustelo Can


Broom from Target, Pink Accordion found in a Dumpster, Dust Bunnies Courtesy of House Cats


Revamped Junk Shop Plant Cart with Thrift Shop Accessories


DIY Backdoor Faux Stained Glass


Easy Window Color Glass Bottles


Boon Baby Accessory Drying Rack


Flowers Make Everything Prettier


Fabric Art in a Pinch, IKEA Shelf


Cabinet Hack


Record Frames with Tracey Ulman and B 52s Records, Vintage Pot Rack


DIY Kitchen Accessory Board

All photos by Juls Knapp Photography 

Stay tuned for some how-to posts for this area of my house! Let me know what you’re interested in by commenting.

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