Easy Fix / Back Door Stained Glass

Hello dearies!

It’s a rainy day in Georgia, but I won’t let the clouds get me crying. Instead, I’m going to show you how to turn a lemon into lemonade. In this case, the lemon was my the back door in my kitchen. The door had a detestable venetian blind on it that was covered in dust that swung wildly when the door was opened or shut.

Filthy and hideous.

As soon as I knew I wanted the venetian blind out of my life, the rest was easy!

I decided that I wanted an opaque solution without compromising on natural light. My back door also faces my neighbor’s back yard and I didn’t want to put on pants every time I went into the kitchen. Hey, don’t judge! You know you’ve done a no-pants day. I also thought about using a cloth curtain, but it would need lots of cleaning as it is in the kitchen.

I needed inspiration, so I looked to Gaudi! The images I took in the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona danced in my head…


One of my favorite places in the world.


The light dances across the tree-pillars all day. 

I love the look of stained glass, but I was surprised to find out how costly and time intensive the process of creating stained glass can be! The next best thing were these DIY Faux Stained Glass kits that were relatively easy looking, but still required a lot of time. I’m also a renter and I wanted something that would be inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t feel bad about leaving behind when I eventually move out.

Finally, I found an affordable and easy substitute: Window Film!

There are a bunch of designs available at a variety of price points, but I settled on this one: image

I like this one because it is blue and abstract!  Abstract Stained Glass Window Film

When I got the roll of window film, I changed my mind about an all-over design. I devised a new plan that included a spray can of frosted glass to help evoke the original Gaudi inspiration photos.

The easy part:

1. Clean the window and let it dry.

In the meantime, I decide which panes you want to have film and which ones will have a frosted look.

2. Measure the panes of glass on the door & use a very sharp pair of scissors to cut the film. Measure twice, cut once!!

3. Then use painter’s tape to cover the edges around the panes that will be frosted and use newspaper to cover the ones where you will later put the film.

4. Spay a coat of faux frost onto the panes. Let it dry completely before reapplying. The drying time is varies. Just follow the directions on the can to be sure you give it enough time!

5. Take off all the tape & newspaper making sure that the frosted areas are completely dry. You might touch the frosted areas when adding the film and you do not want to smudge the frost!

6. Follow the directions on the film. Even if you have used it before, different brands have different instructions!

7. Marvel at the beauty of your space. Light filled and wonderful.


On a bright day the light dance across the walls reminding me of one of my favorite placesPhoto by Juls Knapp Photography


Lovely even on a dreary day like today! 

Show me how you transformed your space!

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