The Sad Looking Krueger Chair

O, Kreuger chair. How I had hoped to find you someday.

This chair, however, was ruined. I tried Goo Gone, nail polish remover, alcohol…nothing worked to erase the stains or the gunk. It is a very special kind of vintage chair, a Kreuger chair. The kind of chair coveted by so many in the mid century loving community, but this one was in really bad shape. 

Emily was very concerned that her chair was in danger. So concerned, she WROTE ON A KREUGER CHAIR IN MARKER.

I paid a mere $4 for it in hopes that I’d be able to change the chair’s luck and clean it up. When all else fails, there’s always spray paint.

No instructions here, just clean the surface and spray the surface.

Here are some photos from before, during and after!

Like Bigfoot, this elusive chair is caught in the woodland area of my yard.

Half way there!

Not in original condition, but the lines are there and that’s all that matters. 

Looking for some more revamped goodness? Check out Viva Wild Vintage on Etsy!


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