You Can Do A Lot With A Little / A Room Of Her Own

Good morning lovelies!

This is the post that I have wanted to do FOREVER! It was actually the first thing I envisioned talking about when I started this blog.

When I found out that I was pregnant in February 2013, I was totally surprised. My husband and I had planned to be happily childless for the rest of our days and we thought we were in the clear as we had never even had a “scare” in the 14 years we’d been together. Little Viva had other  plans!

After the initial shock wore off, I got to work learning about babies and pregnancy. I looked up baby necessities and was completely overwhelmed! I had no idea how many accessories, clothing items, furniture, and diapering options are available. It took me a day or two to navigate before I found some “minimalist” articles about what is needed for a safe and well equipped nursery. That is how I started my list.

If you haven’t already noticed, I like design, so I set my sights on design-y cribs and nursery decor, but every time I followed a link to a gorgeous mid century inspired piece of furniture, my dream would die a little more with every crazy price tag. I decided then and there that I would still have the nursery of my dreams, but I’d figure out how to make it beautiful without compromising on aesthetic without spending a crazy amount of money.

Hunting for beautiful old things is my bag, man.

In this post, I’m giving you a bird’s eye view of Viva’s nursery through the lens of Juls Knapp Photography. Keep checking out future posts for how-tos, DIY and the secrets of where I found and how I arranged these gorgeous things. I hope you like it!


Cozy little Viva snug in her nursery


Painting by Christine Bush Roman , Heirloom Mid Century Dresser, Metal Cloth Diaper Can, Arrow Changing Pad Cover


Schylling Child’s Piano, Vintage Mocassins


Birdie and Chicken (see her out there?)


Vintage Junior Classics


Heirloom Pie Cabinet Book Shelf, Mid Century Toy Box




Vintage and New Book Collection


Thrifted Hand Made Stuffed Animals


Vintage Wigwam Lamp


Upcycled “Where the Wild Things Sit” chair made by my husband for Viva


T-Rex Tea Towel found in a Valencia, Spain street market, Thrifted Mexican Independence Day Papel Picado, Aqualung Painting by my husband.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about how I accomplished this feat!

Interested in vintage? Looking for unique items for your nursery?

Check out my corner at ReBlossom Mama Baby Shop here in Athens, GA.

On the web? Viva Wild Vintage is on Etsy!

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Want me to help you decorate? I can do that! Contact me for more info 😀


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