Viva’s Room Before + After

January 2013: I had just quit my cushy University job in order to devote my days to selling vintage full time. My home office was a HUGE mess filled with things to sort, photograph, list or send to the thrift store. I was making headway when I started feeling peculiar. I thought I had the flu for a solid three weeks before I began to wonder what was really going on.

Then, I decided to take a test. You know, THE test. The TEST test. When I saw the + I was still in denial. I didn’t want kids. I was to remain happily childless. I took another test….+. I had just quit my job and was without insurance, so I went to the local health department for another test. A friend of mine took me to the WIC office and we waited while they processed my test.


I was completely unprepared for impending motherhood. After a good, long mope I decided that I would choose happiness. I decided to stop moping and get to work.

March 2014: Viva has made me more productive than I’ve ever been. I whipped that home office’s ass and made her room a gem that I hope she will cherish. My Etsy shop is flourishing and taking me in new directions. I have the courage to do these things because I want to be me + baby, not just mommy. Being a mother to her has brought me more happiness than I thought it ever could!

Her room is a metaphor for the last year. Before her, my life was an unstructured mess. Procrastination extended to all areas of my existence. Now, things have changed for the better. My world is more regimented and my time is spent more wisely. Motherhood has made me a better person.

Here’s a look at Viva’s room before + after:


Viva   Photo by Juls Knapp Photography


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