Where the Wilde Thing Sits

My husband never thought he was an artist, but he’s made so many thing around the house that I display proudly as art. He has the rare ability to see another use or a beautiful transformation in an every day object.

Last summer, while I was pregnant, he began to use a wood burning tool to make cheap wooden thrift store chairs lovely. He made one with a Fozzie the Bear theme and another that was a tiny child’s rocking chair into a skeletal bear chair reminiscent of the Grateful Dead.

One of the chairs he was transforming was a simple wooden dining chair. He bought it for $5 and decided that he would make it a Where the Wild Things Are themed chair. I admired it for many days while he worked on our back porch. I busied myself nesting for little Viva, but I always stopped to admire his work. I buzzed around him like a butterfly taking photos and snatching glimpses.



After a few days, he had become somewhat secretive while creating this chair. I was so focused on getting the house ready that I did not realize that he was working faster.

When it was finished, he asked me to come into the living room. This is what I saw:



Photo by Juls Knapp Photography

He pulled back the blanket in a grand fashion and I immediately burst into tears. I had to sit down because I was so moved by his gift. When I was sitting there marveling at the chair I noticed something that put me over the top: image

Photo by Juls Knapp Photography

He had carved Viva’s name into the chair. I clutched my belly and sobbed the happiest tears because, in that moment, she was real. The flutters and the movements were the clues that she was well and coming soon, but this gesture crystallized her existence. Until then, Viva Wilde was just an idea. Now she was a real person. I hugged my beautiful husband and kissed him because I was so grateful for this gift.

The chair now sits in Viva’s room and I hope that one day it will be where the Wilde thing sits. One day I will share the memory with her. I will tell her once again how beautiful and talented her father is. I hope she loves it as much as I do.


Photo by Juls Knapp Photography

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