You Can Do A Lot With A Little / Bedroom

Here I present our bedroom! It is a really important part of the house because a nice, calming bedroom is really necessary when your days are filled with the noise of a baby crying, traffic or the noise in your own head.

Clutter drives me crazy, but I live in a 900 sq. foot house and I need the storage space! So, I’ve added a few key pieces to this room that help keep stuff stowed away and out of sight.

The dresser, for example, has nine drawers total. Six are visible and the other three are hidden behind the cabinet doors in the middle. I use these drawers for clothing, but I also use them to store packing materials for my Etsy shop and my accessories.

The shelf between the closet and bedroom doors houses my collection of vintage Modern Library books. My husband and I have been collecting these for years and we like that they have a special place in the house. Before Viva was born, her bedroom was our office / library and we had all the space we needed for books, but now they have been relegated to boxes in the attic. Not the Modern Library, though!

I love color and, living in a tiny house, it helps to keep the same color palette throughout because it makes the house seem bigger. So here you’ll see more bright greens, blues and yellows. I’ve also added some black and white patterns to keep it interesting.

Check out these lovely photos of our bedroom taken by Juls Knapp Photography.

Vintage 1970s Letterman Print, 1960s Era Dresser, Blue and Green Glass Perfume Bottles, Vintage Cream Voss Typewriter, Mr. Camel

A view from the door: GLORIOUS Mid Century Teak Bed

Thrifted vintage Dress Form (hat bedazzled by Alexz), Vintage white pleather ottoman, Vintage prints in thrift store frames, Underwood Olivetti teal typewriter, Modern Library Collection, 1960s era hutch-as-shelf

Vintage quilt in Miami aquas and blues, Abstract atomic inspired pillow made by an excellent friend, Vintage abstract yellow, black & white print

1960s Mod Flowers Tablecloth Curtain, Pair of Atomic Era Black lamps with white stripes

Ponchita LaRue, the cat

Whimsy in the bedroom—a mustache for the light switch

Mr. Camel makes the room more comfortable with his noble pose

You really can do a lot with a little. I say it so often that sometimes I feel like people think I’m fibbing. Everything in my home has either been thrifted, traded for, found at a yard sale, inherited or made lovely through DIY.

Have any questions? Looking for something cool? Check out my ETSY shop, Viva Wild Vintage for vintage touches that will make your rooms glow!


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