I Only Have $10 And …

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A small wall nook makes a lovely mini paperback library.  Photo by Juls Knapp Photography


Often my budget for a project is pretty scant. Sometimes I have a mere $10 to make something happen.

I decided to share some tips on how to accomplish small tasks or projects without compromising on style!

So welcome to the first of many posts geared toward keeping things economically viable and completely adorable.

I Only Have $10 and … I want to build my child’s library

I love books and I want to instill the love of reading in my child from an early age. When I began planning Viva’s nursery, I knew I wanted her first library to be a key part of the room. I created this crazy long wish list that included the classics, books I had loved as a child and quirky, hard to find vintage tomes. Again, my tiny budget for books really put a damper on things.

Instead of fretting (for long) I decided to get creative and figure out how to get this library together on the cheap. If you’re willing to dig a little, you could find a beautiful thing hidden among the “trash”.

T H R I F T    S T O R E S

Thrift stores are my go-to choice for locating things I want. The book section is usually jam packed with a wide variety of books and the children’s book section is often the most plentiful. Depending on where you shop, you can find practically new books for $1-$3. Thrift stores are also an amazing way to find books that are rare or out of print. The best time of the year to find older editions like Junior Classics, original Golden Books or Disney books is in the springtime or summer because people are eager to clear out their garages, basements and attics during this time of year.

T R A D E    S I T E S

In the last year I’ve found many Facebook trade/barter sites for my area! I check them a few times a week to see what types of things are up for trade. You can also let people know what you’re looking for by posting on the forums. When you trade, the items are free! Get rid of some clutter and get what you want! As always, be safe when meeting new people online to trade. Pick a neutral, well populated location to meet and trade.

Y A R D    S A L E S

I love yard sales for the same reasons that I love thrift stores. A variety of book options are available at yard sales. Often, the books you find at yard sales can range from 50 cents to $3. I’ve even encountered yard sales that had boxes filled with books labeled free. Next time you see a box labeled “FREE”, take a look. You might be surprised, but remember: you don’t have to take everything that’s free. Be choosy–curate your life!


L I B R A R Y  S A L E S / B O O K  S A L E S

Library Sales are a fantastic place to find quirky or unconventional children’s books. All the books are former library books that are being retired. The books range in price from 25 cents to $5. The proceeds help enrich your local library! Score.


H E I R L O O M 

Still have a box of childhood books tucked away at a relative’s house? Look through it! You’ll love revisiting the stories you read when you read them to your little one. Baby Shower coming up? Ask for hand-me-down books as a gift! A well loved book is a lovely gift. Maybe one day your little one can contribute to another child’s library by giving up their well loved books.


Here is a shot of Viva’s $10 library for inspiration:


View More: http://julsknappphotography.pass.us/viva



Photo by Juls Knapp Photography


Viva’s library has many Golden Books, both new and old, two vintage Winnie the Pooh books that my husband and I have had since childhood, some vintage Red Cross Handbooks that will be handy when Viva is older.

As a result of thrifting and digging, I’ve started a budding library for Viva!

Keep checking out this blog for more tips and DIY yumminess.

In the meantime, have a look at my Etsy shop Viva Wild Vintage!




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