Scenes From an Unhappy Back Porch






The sun has been shining a little longer every day and that makes me want to spend lots of time outdoors! Fortunately, I live in a town filled with fabulous places to hang out. Athens always has something going on, but sometimes I want to lay low.

Unfortunately, I have a hideous back porch that needs a serious renovation, but, as always, I’m trying to reign in costs! I usually go out of my way to steer people away from our back porch because it is so messy and unfocused.

This, folks, is my quest to whip this back porch into shape using thrifted, free or traded items to make this back deck shine!


P   I   T   I   F   U   L


Some cute stuff, but, overall, uninspiring.


The island of misfit projects.


Problems   /    Solutions

  • The neighbors behind our house have a nice view of our deck  /   Find discarded wooden pallets to make a “wall” along the back
  • Lack of funds for new decor on the porch   /   “Shop my home & craft supplies” to reimagine decor as back porch decor
  • No space for an at-home garden   /   Use the variety of pots I’ve collected to grow herbs, veggies and flowers
  • Lack of seating   /   Check for inexpensive thrift store options or the trade sites for free items
  • Open staircase dangerous to 7 month old   /   Find a suitable baby gate that swings closed


Stay tuned while I show you guys IN REAL TIME how I made this happen with very little funds and lots of ambition!

In the meantime check out Viva Wild Vintage on Etsy!




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