Saying Yes: Six Months In

Y   E   S

It’s been a crazy exciting year so far! I decided to say yes to life in January of this year. As a result of being positive and open, I’ve done things that I never thought I could (or would) do.

I’ve been reflecting on some of the wonderful full life I’ve had since deciding to be more open and out in the world. It truly is amazing how many things you can get yourself into when you just go out the front door.

My daughter Viva and I are getting to know each other and we have settled into a groove with one another. In January, I was still a little wary of going out in public with her because she was still so new and tiny. She still needs me VERY much, but the little person who was essentially glued to whatever spot I put her in is now crawling, standing and dancing. I like her very much. Every night, before I fall asleep, I whisper all of my dreams to her and the things that I hope she will experience like love, true happiness and travel.

Viva and I exploring together.

Viva and I exploring together.

My blog and business are doing well! I’ve managed to forge ahead with steady shovels full of positivity and hope. I’m even doing a little decorating for others using vintage items that I picked–something I never thought I’d fall into.

Some things have fallen to the wayside…like housekeeping. Tidying up has never been a big priority on my list. I like having things just-so, but I’ve had to shuffle my time. My house is a huge mess as a result of a packed schedule. The floor in the kitchen is a little sticky and sometimes the laundry is piled on top of the dresser and never makes in the drawers. Viva’s dresses are a little rumpled and I need to find a new hairstyle that isn’t a ballerina bun. I guess I could be worried or disgusted with myself, but I don’t care. As long as my family is happy, I can live with it. Learning to let go of the “perfectly” organized house I had has been difficult, but there are way more important things to do than worry about folding socks.

I dyed my hair blue! If not now, then when?

I dyed my hair blue! If not now, then when?

N   O

I have, however, discovered that saying yes can be draining. There are days when my commitments are piling up and I am ready to call it all off. I’m learning to say “no” more. I’m learning not to spread myself too thin. I don’t see these things as negative or failures. Saying “no” is a form of curating or editing my life. There’s an episode of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (stay with me now) where one of the imaginary friends, Wilt, cannot physically utter the word “No”. His mouth cannot form the word without a “YES!” shooting out. I’ve felt that way for a few months, but now I have earned the wisdom to know that I don’t have any time of my own, the only person I’m letting down is myself.

I’m learning to curate my life and only choose the best of everything in order to be happier in the present rather than worrying about the past and the future. It is difficult to keep these goals in mind when life is stormy and the thunder rolls through, but I’m trying and that is half the battle.

I’m so glad that you, dear reader, are still here reading my posts. I appreciate it more than you know. The half-way point feels like just a quarter of what I can do!



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