DIY Wedding / Party Favors!

image 7

Struggling to find something both unique and practical to give as a party favor at your wedding ? Well, look no more! These versatile little terra-cotta plant pots are adorable, affordable and super easy to customize for your wedding. The coolest part is that these can be as ornate as you like! Make each of them identical, or get crazy and make them all a little different. Enlist your buddies by throwing a craft party and make these beauties in bulk.

Craft Skill Level: Easy

First, gather a few simple-to-locate craft supplies:

image 2

Washi Tape
Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Metallic Marker or Paint Pen

I chose silver and white craft supplies because it is a classic wedding color combo, but you could TOTALLY change it up and use different materials like rhinestones, crystals, decals or appliqué! Take your time at the craft store because you never know!

Polka Dots & Love Scrawls

Polka Dots & Love Scrawls

To achieve the white and silver polka dots design, paint the pots and allow them to dry for at least an hour. You can use any color, but I used white paint because the marker really pops on white!
Next, draw as many polka dots onto the white surface as you want. I used a metallic marker because metallics pick up light and shine in a candlelit room.

If you prefer a more rustic design using you and your partners’ initials, you can use a metallic marker on the terra-cotta background to draw them on the pot like I did with the pot on the right. You could even write the wedding date across the middle of the pot with a paint pen! Lovely and personal. Voila!

Triangles and Glitter Washi Tape

Triangles and Glitter Washi Tape

On the left, I tried another simple design on a white pot. Rather than polka dots, I did a mini triangle design! Super cute!

While in the craft shop, I saw this adorable silver glitter washi tape and had to get it. I achieved the design on the right by cutting a two-inch long strip of washi tape. Next, I cut a v-shape into each end of the tape making what resembles a small banner. Repeat with another two-strip of washi tape. I put these banners on opposite sides of the mini pot. This process left me with four small triangles of glitter tape. Waste not want not! I cut out a few more triangles and made a design along the bottom of the pot. This pot turned out to be my favorite because it was spur-of-the moment and very easy to make!

Now that your pots are ready, you can add plants, candy, a candle or give them as-is—so versatile. I hope you have as much fun making them as I did!

Did you do this project for your wedding? Send us a photo!


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