A Very Toddler Christmas

Hello! I love this time of year. I’m like Andy Williams heralding in the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

I love Christmas and, as a child, I prayed to Santa Claus because he seemed to really come through with things. My love of Santa and Christmas comes from my grandmother. She made Christmas a special event and always brought it in the style department. I remember the year that we broke with tradition and decorated our tree in new gold and mauve ornaments. I may not follow that particular scheme, but I loved that she expressed herself in her Christmas style. That’s what I’ve tried to emulate all these years and I have always loved fussing over everything.

Now I have a toddler.

Anything within reach is now hers and she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age or origin of an item. After thinking it over, I decided that this year I could not have the large vintage-everything Christmas that I love because my little kid’s safety outweighs any of that whimsy. I still wanted things to be Christmas-y, though, so my husband proposed two trees! It is a tradition in his house to have two differently themed trees. I like a tradition that encourages more trees, so that is how we got here: 3 Christmas Trees!

Day One: The Mid Century Sparkler

This little beauty is a modern tinsel tree that I decorated with my favorite mid century ornaments. The tree skirt is a large vintage oval  tablecloth that I folded up. She lives on the dresser in our bedroom and sure has warmed up these cold nights. This tree has the most fragile ornaments in my collection on it because I can shut the bedroom door to prevent my roving toddler from becoming bewitched and tearing it down.

This is my favorite tree this year…but can there be a favorite, really?






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