DIY / Luxe Dino Christmas Mantle Tree

This year I brought everything Christmas related down from my attic and it turned out to be more than I remembered. I got rid of a few things from my collection, but decided to keep a mini faux tree.
It just spoke to me. I wanted to decorate it, but I didn’t have enough ornaments because I had decorated two other trees. One of which decorated with my precious ornaments!

My ever-resourceful husband was eying the “donate” pile by our front door when he grabbed some plastic dinosaurs and spray painted them gold and silver.


After lighting the tree, we put it up on the mantle and decorated around it.

I love a fun mantle and I try to keep it updated for the seasons! It’s pretty awesome to have a new tradition–lots of trees–and keep it fresh with DIY.
This year we have an awesome mantle dressed in luxe metallics, vintage paper ephemera, Santas and Dinos!





Deck out your house for the holidays even if you don’t care about Christmas. Do it your way and add light and love because the cold months need some warmth.

Stay tuned for the third Christmas tree! It’s the family tree.

Wrap yourself in a blanket to keep warm and sip some cocoa today!



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