Wonderful 2014 Holidays

It is hard to believe the holiday season was upon us three weeks ago. As I write this, the Christmas decorations sit, packed away in the attic. Christmas and New Year’s Eve came and went. It truly is the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Not because I got something new that I wanted or because I went somewhere amazing. The 2014 holiday season was wonderful because I spent it with my two favorite people.
My own family wasn’t perfect. My grandparents Li and Ori raised my brother and I in a herd of Cuban family members that did not include our mother. When I look back at all the times that I said I never wanted to be a parent, I see that it was because of her. I was worried that, secretly, I’d become her.
I now see how ridiculous that is. When I had V, I realized that my search for a family was over. Before that, I never knew my capacity to love. I am at once a bear and a marshmallow when it comes to my husband and daughter.

I realized that family is who and what you make of it. Those who are gone are still here, if you remember them even when it sucks.

Here are a few moments, in photos, I’d like to share from the 2014 holidays.

IMG_5934 IMG_5678 IMG_5888 IMG_5849 IMG_5751 IMG_5796 IMG_5725 IMG_5713 IMG_5691 IMG_5664 IMG_5817 IMG_5467



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