Vintage Style / Double Edge Safety Razors

Shaving. Ugh.
Most plastic razors are ugly, flimsy and cost about half a million dollars a year for refills. Seriously, doesn’t shaving cost way too much money? All for things we are tossing into landfills at a steady clip.
My husband and I watch a lot of old movies and are in love with the aesthetic of the 1950s and 1960s. Often, we come across ads for beautiful safety razors and straight razors. We wondered where those were.
After some quick internet research, we were confronted with a number of how-to guides and several options for new safety razors. After an initial investment, about $80, for the razor and a box of razor blades, we were on our way!

The first time I used the razor, I was definitely worried. I thought I’d sever a tendon or scar myself up. I read and re-read this internet guide to make sure I followed the directions. For some reason, I thought modern disposable razors were imbued with some secret magic or else no one would have decided to use something so ugly and costly, right? Wrong.
You basically use the razor the same way and they are totally safe when you know how to use them.
After we both made the switch, we bought another razor in order to minimize changing the razor blade. We still haven’t gotten through a quarter of our first $24 box of razor blades.


Since then my husband graduated to the fancy shaving brush/soap set and straight razor. Ambition!

We made the change 4 years ago and we’re never going back. They are sustainable, save us money and they look really cool in your bathroom. I love it when things can be simple and beautiful.



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