Circle Game

IMG_7686 It is officially fall. I mark the beginning of fall by the smell in the air and the sudden appearance of warm tones in the trees around me. Fall has always been a favorite even when I lived in Miami where the seasons are very blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. I distinctly remember rocking a cropped white faux fur jacket in 88 degree Miami weather (read: humidity) because I yearned for fall. I must report, though, that the smell of fall is still present in Miami. It is–delightfully–everywhere.

This fall has been marked by seasonal traditions. My interest in seasonal activities has blossomed since I had V. I have always decorated and celebrated, but everything has a new meaning now. I’m teaching tradition to a little mind and it is the most fun!

Last weekend we went to the fair! We mostly walked around, but we did ride the carousel together. Seeing Viva see things for the first time is the best! I hope to keep  traditions like the fair alive. Check out some of the images from the outing!

Viva put her arms in the air and yelled “Wooooooooo!!” the entire time we were on the Carousel. Her sparkle is infectious.

I kept thinking of the song “The Circle Game” while we rode. The seasons, the traditions, the ideas, everything goes round and round. When did I get so lucky?






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