Local Scene / Add Drug

It is hard to keep up with all the cool stuff going on in Athens. What I like about Athens is that you can be as involved in all the happenings that come your way as you want to be. Sometimes I like to take it slow because, as much as I appreciate “la pachanga”, I’m a home body and I love having the luxury to lay low from time to time. Because it is a luxury. Really, I love a day when I can go check out something new and then head home for an afternoon of crafts.

One place I’d been dying to check out is the Add Drug lunch counter. It is unfussy and the food is satisfying. It has busy times, but if you come in during the right part of the day, you see less, but hear more. Conversations from the 50+ age group mingle with the smells of a classic grill and shake counter. It truly is one of my favorite places for laying low away from home in Athens.

IMG_7064 IMG_7078

Seriously, you guys should check it out! Add Drugstore is on Lumpkin attached to the Earthfare Grocery Store.


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