I get asked the following question too often:
“What do you do all day?”
Suffice to say that it is incredibly insulting to be asked what occupies your time when you’re constantly working.
I think that all the work that goes into looking “effortless” online is lost on others because it appears, well, effortless.

I’m a one-woman show. I wrote everything you read on this blog. I shop for every piece of vintage that I sell. I scheme up all the DIY we do. I research  and write all my articles for the Broad Collective myself. I’m a volunteer and a fundraiser. I make 2-3 meals a day. I enjoy connecting with others and positivity.

All of this is done with my almost-two year old daughter by my side or, more likely, on my hip.

A typical day consists of a 6:30 am call time with a “Nap Break” at 12:30 pm – 2pm. After that, it’s the slow crawl until Papa comes home. We have dinner and hang out. Then it is the little one’s bed time at 7.

In there, in the moments of down time that I carve out, I try to find time to be creative. To make and to think. To enjoy being alive.

I don’t accomplish everything on my own, for sure.
My husband is the one that I rely on the most. He listens to my wild ideas and then helps me make them a reality.


C is lucky enough to still have his family, but my brother and I are what’s left of mine. As much as I would love for V to know the people who raised me, I’m proud of the fact that she will know them well because of me. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I turn my attention to what I do have.

I have a village–four fairy godmothers and a wonderful “fairy father” (god father) for my daughter. C and I chose them because we love them. We were very careful to choose people to be in V’s life that wanted to be in it.

They help me when I need to talk about parenting or vent about my frustrations. They take time to hang out with V so that I can have some time to myself. More importantly, they love V. They teach her things I don’t know and offer varied experiences to her. Having them in her life is a boon! They are incredible people that have so much to teach and know the value of lifelong learning. I’m not going to name names, but you know who you are.


I’m not trying to be provocative here. I’m just telling you, questioner, what I do. I do a lot and I’m proud to be a creative person. I like being with my daughter. She is always watching me and I hope she likes what she sees.  Nothing is more important than that.



One fairy, Fairy Teek, isn’t in any of these photos because her wings carry her so swiftly that she rarely appears!


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