Shop Crush / ShopCREAM

Man, oh, man. The holidays are just around the corner!
I like to keep the holidays stress-free by focusing on what really matters, but I do get a few gifts for the ones I love. If you’re like me, you try to buy local, vintage or handmade items to give as gifts. When I can’t find the exact right gift locally, I turn to Etsy because who doesn’t love connecting with vintage sellers and makers all over the world and buying their amazing wares?

That’s how I found one of my favorite Etsy shops, ShopCREAM, a source for rad, kitschy accessories for the cool at heart. ShopCREAM’s owners, Constance Garcia and Christine, keep their shop stocked with handmade items like French Fry Earrings and Burger Bitch pins. Their shop’s name even has a hidden acronym: the “CREAM” in shopCREAM stands for “Craft Rules Everything Around Me”.


I know. You’re already in love!

Connie and Christine describe themselves as “two friends who love to craft and re-purpose everything from sunglasses to tote bags. We love glue, glitter and sarcasm. We hope you enjoy our little shop of shadiness!”


I was lucky enough to chat with Connie and Christine about ShopCREAM and ask them a few questions about their journey to badass shop owners:

VW: When did you start ShopCREAM and why?

Christine: We started Etsy in the summer of 2015. We wanted to make funny, kitschy things that we would wear and think a lot of other people would also find the humor in what we create.

VW: What are your fave lifestyle/craft blogs?

Connie: Studio DIY  and Apartment Therapy.

Christine: Currently, I follow Wolf N Whisky. It gives me lipstick color goals.

VW: Okay, just for fun: Fave Rollercoaster?

Connie: Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain (R.I.P.)

Christine: Batman coaster at Six Flags. Scream my ass off every time.

VW: Word association (for fun, guys!)

Christine / Connie

Blush- Cheeky / Cheeks
Livable- Dead / Free
Quaker- No thank you / Oats
Avocado- Yes ma’am / Toast                                                                                                   Spirit- Spooky / Demon



They are pretty great. Check out their shop for lots of cool gift ideas. Looking for something uniquely you? ShopCREAM is ALL ABOUT those Custom Orders!




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