I feel Spring coming. La primavera.

I feel it on my skin when I go outside. I hear it in the rustle of little wrens busying themselves making preparations for their babies. I saw the first carpenter bees bumbling around in the afternoon sun yesterday and that, more than any obvious sign, made it real.

I feel it in my chest stirring me out of the Winter funk that clung to me unattractively. Funks are very clingy and take lots of convincing before they schlep along. After a long talk, I convinced the Funk that it had to leave. “Hey, this isn’t goodbye!”, I said.

I’m back to writing this blog because I love to write. I write every day, but those words stay mercifully hidden. I find that, with me, sharing begets sharing. If I put myself out there and share even the most basic recipe or a photograph that I took, I find it easier to share things that are more meaningful to me. As much as my self-esteem has improved overall, it is still difficult to send out a script to for the first time, you know?

I hope that you have the courage to share something, too. I bet it’s awesome.




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