90s Chair


Spring cleaning has been intense this year! V is finally old enough to “help”, the weather has been cooler longer, and I’m motivated to pare things down. Although there has been a general tornado of stuff floating around here for weeks, it has been fantastic to rediscover stored art and furnishings.

Enter this half-done project: A thrift store chair with beautiful lines in awful condition that I had previously stained and painted. I was hoping to flip the project quickly, but it never happened.  When I saw it last week I knew I could change it’s trajectory.

After I decided to keep the work I had done on the chair, I started to sketch out designs. I love bold, graphic prints! Keith Haring has always been a favorite . The work he did in the ’80s inspires me to be a good citizen and to push for art in all public places.

I’ve also been crushing hard on one of my vintage 90s scarves. I mean, look at it!

Inspirational Vintage 90s Scarf

Inspirational Vintage 90s Scarf

It was decided: this chair would rise to the next level with a whimsical 90s-inspired design!


  • Chair*
  • Black acrylic craft paint
  • 2 thin paintbrushes
  • Inspiration Piece
  • Scrap paper
  • Wide Paintbrush
  • Modpodge Dishwasher Safe

*The chair was originally black. I sanded, stained and painted the seat white.

From the attic

From the attic


There really is no “how-to” for this project because I really just practiced painting some designs on newspaper. I kept referring to the original 90s scarf as a guide. I free-handed the design onto the seat. I let it cure for a few days before applying a thin, even coat of Modpodge. I used the dishwasher safe Modpodge because it seemed like it could withstand my crazy life the most.



So pretty <3

So pretty ❤


It’s so fresh that I can’t let it go! It is now in the living room where it belongs.

Have something that just needs some love? Look no further than your storage for something that will revamp your style.

Have a beautiful day!






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