Power Wheels

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t skate due to an unfortunate childhood skating accident, but I love skating culture! I love the DIY nature of skating fashions and I’ve always been a fan of watching how clothes move. I also LOVE to make films. Literally invite me over to loiter while you make a film, even. Seriously! Putting these ideas together was easy because I’m lucky enough to know a few amazing derby skaters in Athens, GA who are the perfect combination of badass and strong. My interests led me to making Power Wheels, short fashion film. Power Wheels features vintage fashions from my collection at Atomic, Viva Wild AND Handmade Jewelry by Moosh-Maker of Lilfood and other Lil Thangs.

Follow the link to my FIRST EVER fashion film!!

Power Wheels = A Fashion Film by Jennie Cain

img_3352 img_3185 img_3271 img_3353 img_3253 img_3354 img_3341 img_3269 img_3204 img_3211

Special thanks to Katillac Coupe DeVille, Moshya Brady, Sylvia Wrath, and Delia Derbyfire.


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